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Moderne Cloud Stack
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Cloud Foundation- Identity & Access Management
SSO, Lifecycle Management, MFA, Authentication, Authorization
Workforce + Customer Identity Use Cases

Cloud Foundation- Cloud, Network & Data Security
Secure Apps, Data & Threat Protection, Upgrade Security Stack
Protect Users & Data + Modernize Security Use Cases

Digital Workplace - Cloud Content Management
Collaboration, Workflows, Integrations, API’s
Content Layer + Productivity + Security & Compliance Use Cases

Digital Workplace - Team & Organization Workspaces
Collaboration, Signatures, Integrations, API’s
Productivity + Security & Compliance Use Cases

Digital Workplace - Employee Engagement
Connect & Inform, News Feed, Chat, Voice & Video Calls
Communications + Remote Work Use Cases

Digital Workplace - Team Project Management
Get Work Done, Plan & Track, Collaboration, Workflows
Coordinate + Productivity + Remote Work Use Cases


Digitale Transformatie
Consultancy & Cloud Oplossingen

CloudGuide ondersteunt organisaties bij de transformatie naar een digital first business. Mensen en hun onderlinge samenwerking staan hierin centraal. CloudGuide levert oplossingen ten behoeve van Transformatie Management, de Digitale Werkplek, Cloud Security en Sourcing. CloudGuide werkt hierin samen met innovatieve cloud born bedrijven met een bewezen track record.


Visie & Strategie
Innovatie + Security

Transformatie Management

CloudGuide ondersteunt digitale transformatieprogramma’s. Van visie- en strategieontwikkeling, tot de implementatie en adoptie van cloudoplossingen.

Digitale Werkplek

Faciliteren van een werkplek die medewerkers efficiënter maakt en de organisatie flexibeler. Een digitale identiteit, communicatie- en content processen staan hierin centraal.

Cloud Security

Ontwikkelen van beleid voor- en inrichting van een cloud fundament, die het veilig gebruik van en het beschermen van data binnen cloud applicaties garanderen.


CloudGuide is reseller van best-of-breed partner oplossingen en adviseert over cloud licentiecontracten, edities, prijzen en scenario’s.


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Box announces intent to acquire e-signature innovator SignRequest

Box acquires SignRequest from the Netherlands, the e-signature solution is expected to launch as Box Sign this summer & is planned to be included in all business and enterprise pricing plans.

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The Future of Customer Identity: 4 CIAM Trends to Watch Out For

Okta identified 4 trends that are defining the future of customer identity. From driving engagement to managing complexity and suggestions on what can be done to stay on the cutting edge.

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Where the Gartner CASB & SWG Magic Quadrant Are Headed

Will there be a need for a separate CASB & SWG Gartner Magic Quadrant? Netskope doesn’t think so! There are 4 key transformations at play having an impact on the required capabilities in the context of SASE architecture.

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